Here we are again! It seems not very long ago that I wrote Kolbe's 15 months update...where does the time go??

Every age has been my favorite age by far and I love how much fun we can have together at this point. He is hilarious and keeps me laughing throughout the day. Although its not sunshine and rainbows all the time, he is usually happy and ready to play.

I love analyzing people's temperaments and figuring out who is what and little by little I have figured out that Kolbe is definitely introverted. It does take him some time to warm up to new people and new surroundings - usually about 30 minutes or so in large crowds and a few minutes when its just one on one. A person's best bet is to sit on the floor at his level and play with him to get him to come around =)
He currently loves wooden toys that require him to match up shapes into their spaces, wooden puzzles, and anything that has to do with Elmo (Kolbe calls him Lala), and Veggie Tales. He also loves to dance and spin around until he is so dizzy that he falls on the floor - he thinks its hilarious!
One of his favorite past times is to sit and read books in the big chair in his room. We read books at this own pace these days, which usually means that about 23% of the book actually gets read because he is flipping through the pages so fast!

There must be an 18 month developmental leap because his vocabulary has exploded in the past week or two. Some of his most recent words are: Please, Jesus (yay!), Joseph, mas (spanish for more), up, help, and ice. I make him say please over and over again because he sounds so cute saying it haha

If we ever go anywhere that has a slide, I know where all of our time will be spent. Its wonderful to see the world through a toddlers eyes. They find joy in such little things such as going up and down a slide. He absolutely loves it and is so delighted each and every time he gets to slide down. He especially gets a kick of the ones that he can do by himself.

*Sidenote: The above outfit was part of Kolbe's body builder Halloween costume, I usually do not make Kolbe wear knee high socks! lol

Recently, Matt was using the small stepladder to do something and ever since then Kolbe has loved it. Matt took the time to teach him how to get up and down safely and now he is a pro. He loves dragging it from the living room to the kitchen so that he can be at everyone else's level, especially while I'm cooking. Its also his favorite spot to be when Elmo or Veggie Tales is on TV.

When it comes to food, Kolbe is definitely in the category of picky toddler eaters. Although I know it could definitely be worse, He does not seem to be interested in a lot of foods that I just know he would like if he just tried them! grr. But all I do is offer over and over (and over) and hope that one day he will try it. Our progress is a little slow but he surprises me at times and tries something I put on his plate (and likes it of course!) He goes on kicks where all he wants is one thing and then a few days later he doesn't want it anymore. Some of his favorite staples are:

Cheese, scrambled eggs, peanut butter and almond butter by the spoonful, grapes, bananas, watermelon, bread, waffles, pancakes, raisins, yogurt, and grass-fed hotdogs. Of course he's got the biggest sweet tooth ever so that definitely has to be monitored =)

He is currently on a huge raspberry kick and I have to hide them so that the box lasts more than 10 minutes haha. He loves smoothies and popsicles, which are my two main ways to squeeze some veggies and healthy fats into his diet. Today I made him a beet, spinach, orange, apple, and berry smoothie and he slurped it down so quickly and then asked for seconds. Its definitely a consolation to me that at least he is getting nutrients through those!

Eating a cookie at Monster Mash
We recently went to a farm that has a pumpkin patch, petting zoo, corn maze etc and he loved it (despite running a fever on and off that day). He had a great time riding the little train, jumping on a trampoline (with Matt) and getting up close and personal with the animals
I think the pig was more afraid than Kolbe

Weight: 25.3lbs

Teeth: 8 + 2 or 3 more that are coming through this week

Sleeps: 11-12 hrs per night (from 7-630ish) and naps 1.5-2 hrs in the middle of the day

Current Favorite foods: Raspberries, grapes, cheese, eggs, and wheat squares cereal.

Nurses: He was officially weaned on his 18 month birthday. He had only been nursing once (at bedtime) for the past few weeks now and since we have a few weddings and events coming up where I won't be available at that time, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bite the bullet. At the end of his last feed, I gave him a big hug and told him how much of a privilege its been to have given him this gift. It was sad and emotional for both of us on the first night without, but we got through it and are successfully on the other side.

Likes: Going down slides, being swung into the air when Matt and I are holding his hands, reading books, blowing bubbles outside, playing at the gym childcare

Dislikes: New situations or changes to routine, diaper changes, clothes changes, When his favorite show ends. Oh and he still hates going to the doctor. He will have visited the pediatrician 3 times in 2 weeks between being sick and his well visit and I feel so bad for him every single time.

It seems like Kolbe has aged so much just these past few days. I've been observing him and its incredible how tall he is getting and how much of what I say he actually understands. Its amazing to me how quickly this time has passed and that we are now on the home stretch to having a two year old! What a crazy and fun life it is with Kolbe in it and it is such a privilege to be his mom.
Kolbe has been sick with double ear infections this week so our regular routine of going to the local gym and working out (for me) and playing (for him) went out the window. I'm in a season of life where my day doesn't feel complete unless I get a workout in (even if its just a short one!), so I was feeling less than stellar about our home-bound situation. I took matters into my own hands today and decided to brave a little outdoor sweat session involving Kolbe + the jogging stroller + lots of O's cereal to keep him entertained for the duration.I say brave because:

1) I really don't enjoy jogging while pushing the stroller. I mean does anyone out there enjoy adding a 45lb weight when they go for a run? Yeah me either. Some people are really good at it, but I'm definitely not one of those, which is why I go at times of the day when everyone is at work and my neighborhood is empty so that no one sees me flailing around while I manage to push the stroller =)

2) lets just say Kolbe's (and every other toddler for that matter) attention span doesn't usually last very long when we go out on walks. Some of you may have super mellow, laid back toddlers who just love to hang out in their strollers for hours at a time but alas, I have not been given that pleasure in life (yet!) haha.

I was a bit hesitant to attempt this workout with Kolbe but after some serious prayers to the good Lord, several handfuls of O's cereal in Kolbe's snack box, and water bottles for each of us, we were ready to venture out. And now that I'm done rambling, I thought I would share my workout with you so that you could do it too =)

It took me about 40 minutes give or take a few and I was nice and sweaty by the end. Kolbe even laughed at me when I did some of the exercises in front of his stroller so I'd say that's a win =)

I would suggest setting up a yoga mat at your starting location, then when you do the walks and runs, do an out and back route so that you can do the exercises on the mat in front of your own house and not some random neighbor's house haha.

Cardio Blast Stroller Workout
Walk 10 minutes (Brisk pace)

15 Jumping Jacks
15 Squats
15 Burpess
15 lunges (each side)

5 minute run

15 push ups
15 jump squats
15 push ups
15 speed skaters

5 minute run

15 Bicycle crunches
15 double crunches (for demo click HERE)
15 squats
15 jumping jacks

Walk 10 minutes (Brisk pace)

*Disclaimer: Baby and stroller not required to complete workout but they sure do add cuteness to the matter!

Well hello there! I know its been quite a while since I've update the blog and I figured in my attempt to blog a little more often, I would bring you an update on none other than the Prince of the house: Kolbe!
Kolbe is now 15 months old and boy is he ever so active and fun. I love how much energy he has and often wonder where he gets it all from! We can definitely communicate now and I love that he understands what I am saying to him (obviously not 100% of the time).

He loves (loves!) to be outside all the time no matter what kind of weather it may be. One benefit is that I've managed to get a little bit of a tan this summer due to chasing him around under the blazing sun. He can now say the word "outside" and points and he also runs and gets his shoes when we tell him that's where we're going. His second favorite location is our garage....he is all boy when it comes to that and constantly wants to go help Matt move tools around and rearrange items. Kolbe has parked so many of his vehicles in there that our cars don't quite fit right now haha (i.e. red wagon, car wagon, running stroller, leisure stroller etc.)

I love hearing him squeal with delight when he discovers something new or finds something that he really enjoys doing such as dumping out a bag of items on the floor over and over again or pointing to something that he just figured out existed, such as the fan. Some of his current favorite things to point to when prompted are the mail (box), the fan, Mama, Papa, Elmo, Simba, the bouncy (ball), his stuffed broccoli and carrot toys, and his belly. Speaking of belly. Since he has recently discovered his by lifting up his shirt and pointing, he is interested in discovering everyone else's belly too. Now on to teaching him that its not ok to randomly lift up people's shirts! haha.
Pointing out something really cool to Papa
As you can see, he has discovered the wonder of climbing into the dryer...Lord help me! haha Once I'm done taking clothes out, he usually won't let me close it for a while. He is super helpful with the laundry though and when he sees me carrying the basket, he follows me till I put it down and then hands me each item of clothing one by one as I put it in the washer. Such a helpful little man =)
Although he is mostly always on the go, he will usually take about 5 seconds to lay down and rest wherever there is a blanket or pillow or sometimes just on the cold hard floor!
We've been going on some adventures lately including the aquarium and blueberry picking. He loved picking blueberries off the bushes to the point where we had to stop him from eating so many!
He loves water! He has fun in the bathtub, and he loves to sneak into the bathroom and turn the water on proceeding to make a huge (and fun for him!) mess on our bathroom floor =) We got him a water table for his Baptism Anniversary, which he is also crazy about. His latest and greatest water entertainment source, however, is this:
On our way to the car, he ran in to explore the fountain and never came back out haha. Although we had absolutely nothing that even resembled a towel in the car, he was having way too much fun and we loved watching him be so delighted with the falling water spouts. I can't wait to take him back!

15 Month stats:

Weight: 24.9lbs Heavy!!

New Words: outside, cheese, Papa, agua, over there, and "no no no no no" (ha!)

Sign language: "up," "mas" (more in spanish), "hungry," "eat," "change diaper," and my personal favorite, "Touchdown" lol

Teeth: 7. He is definitely a slow teether!

Sleeps: 11-12 hours at night and one nap in the middle of the day lasting around 1 1/2 hrs. It seriously took so much work to get to where we are in Kolbe's sleeping abilities. He would much rather be up 24/7 if it were up to him!

Favorite Foods: Cheese, eggs, oranges, rice + spinach + cheese concoction, homemade mac & cheese, & cheerios

Likes: Being outside, water, stairs, bubbles, being held, his music DVDs, bike rides.

Dislikes: Being in the car seat too long, being in the high chair too long, being touched by other kids (He gives us this "please rescue me" look when other kids go play with him!), getting hair trims and his nails cut (pretty much doesn't like being held down or touched in confining ways!) You can only guess what pediatrician visits are like. yikes! Thankfully he is still very much into giving hugs and kisses.

I love watching him grow and grow and develop new skills every day. He is such a joy and Matt and I are so lucky to be his parents!


Kolbe @ 1 year


His smile makes me melt
I can't believe it! Kolbe is one year old. I know its so cliche but it really does go by so fast. I found a quote the other day that describes it perfectly: The days seem long but the years are short.

I wanted to give you a quick update on what Kolbe is up to as a one year old.

He is such an active little guy without a doubt. I'm not sure where he gets all of his energy but its insane! So much so, that I pretty much have to drag him into his room and make him take a nap or else he would go on about his day without giving naps any thought (and turning into a sleepless crank monster!).

On Sleeping:
He is an early riser, usually around 630am, but thankfully he goes to bed between 630-7pm so it gives him a nice and long stretch of sleep. He is still waking up to nurse once a night, so we'll see how much longer that lasts. It doesn't affect my sleep all that much since I'm only up for 15-20 minutes but I do have some champagne in the fridge ready to celebrate when he finally sleep through haha.

Naps are a whole different monster. He was doing okay taking 2 naps a day but then hit a pretty rough nap regression, which he never really recovered from. He would only sleep while being held and would protest when I put him in the crib so we are having to do a little sleep training again for naps for the past few days. Thankfully it seems to be going well and I'm pretty sure he's finally getting the hang of putting himself to sleep once I lay him in the crib. He usually takes a longer morning nap and a shorter afternoon nap to hold him over till bedtime.

Kolbe is making me a saint with his countless sleep(less) adventures! Lets hope no more sleep regressions hit our household! (please Lord have mercy on me....)
Here is Kolbe at a few days old....the sleepy newborn phase wore off real quick haha
On Growing:
Last time I weighed him he came in weighing 22lbs and 9oz and was 30 inches long. I seriously can't even picture him being the 8lb 20in baby that he was when he was born...its surreal and crazy how hazy it is in my memory.
He looks like such a big boy to me here
What a difference a whole year makes no?
still loves the newborn lounger!
On Eating:
Kolbe is doing pretty good with solid foods. He still really loves purees but he is adding more and more finger foods to his repertoire as he gets more teeth. He is not big into trying new things so I have to put something on his tray quite a few times before he truly eats it. Sometimes I get really lucky and he likes it on the first try. Thankfully he will still eat fruits and veggies in puree form because he is very particular on what finger foods he eats! Some of his current finger foods include cheese (and more and more cheese), pancakes, waffles, raisins, puffs (and more puffs), Ezekiel bread, chicken, hot dogs, frozen mango, watermelon, peas, yogurt, and berry-banana smoothies in a sippy cup (with spinach snuck in them!). I put corn on his tray today and I think one kernel made it into his mouth woohoo!
Nursing is still going strong and he doesn't seem like he is ready to give that up any time soon, which is ok with me. He is currently doing 4 feeds - early morning, middle of the day, bedtime, and middle of the night. I've also been giving him a little bit of whole cow's milk and he is taking to it well! I'll probably drop the middle of the day feed over the course of the next few weeks or months (we just recently dropped another day feed a week or two ago so I'm going to wait a while) whenever he seems a bit more ready for it. Its one of the few times I get a calm Kolbe all to myself and I cherish that time I have with him. Unless of course we are in public. Then its a wild, and flailing all over the place Kolbe and I live in constant fear that he will pull the blanket off of me soooo we stick to nursing at home for the most part =)

Being confined whether it be in the car seat, stroller, high chair, or someones arms for too long while that someone is sitting down. I take full advantage of when he comes and lays his head on my shoulder because I know its only going to last about 2.5 seconds since he is always go go go and very rarely wants to snuggle unless he has just woken up.
On Teething:
He currently has 4: two bottom and two top. Its so funny to see him with top teeth since he had been toothless for so long! He recently just got his top teeth about 2 weeks ago.
On Playing:
He is super into books right now. I love when he can sit for a few minutes with a book and just flip through it. He also loves bringing books to people to be read out loud. As soon as you start reading, he does a happy squat dance. His current favorites are Dr. Seuss' Mr. Brown Can Moo Can you? and Eight Silly Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

He is also figuring out how to put smaller objects into larger objects and he loves figuring things out such as how to put lids on tupperware. One of his other favorite toys is a ball and he calls it the "bouncy." His most recent endeavor is picking up things that are way too heavy for him and moving them to another room, such as a half full gallon of water. This totally makes me nervous. Next on the baby proof list: remove heavy objects from Kolbe's reach. Never thought we would be having that issue! His new nickname is Hercules.
Ultimately though, the boy just wants to be outside. As soon as our front door opens, he runs over and waits on the threshold for one of us to take him outside. Rocks, sticks, and leaves are all the rage these days as well as dirt and grass. Just today I caught him with a mouth full of mulch. . . how appetizing. He takes off when he walks out the door and actually cries if we bring him back inside! We are working on making our backyard a bit more Kolbe friendly so that he can have free range.
That's all I have for you on Kolbe's life update. I love this little guy to the moon and back and life without him seems so far in the past now. He has never been an "easy baby." I would label him as an intense and strong willed kid from day one. And while his bad days are intensely difficult,  his good days are intensely fun and joy-filled and I wouldn't have it any other way. Of course it presents challenges but ultimately it helps form us into stronger and more united parents for him and our future kids. Already he has taught me many life lessons on how to be a more patient, forgiving, and level headed person by his example.  We are definitely blessed to have him in our family =)

I'm very much looking forward to seeing what having a toddler is like. Its a whole new adventure each and every day!
When I was little, one of my favorite books was "Where the Wild Things are." As Kolbe's first birthday approached, I began to brainstorm for a party theme and decided that a theme to match the book would be very fitting considering Kolbe is a little wild thing already =)

The day started out dark and stormy but thankfully God heard my fierce prayers and it turned out to be a gorgeous day with beautiful weather.

Without further ado, here is a recap of the birthday celebration starting with the Birthday Boy:
The cake pretty much deserves a whole other blog post due to its awesomeness. The same friend of our family who made Matt's grooms cake for our wedding made this sweet cake for Kolbe and it was a hit. She is so talented and I know she makes every cake with love =)
The details were so good and she blew the theme out of the water. She also made Kolbe's smash cake, which Kolbe seemed to really enjoy diving into! More on how that went later in the post!
The party goers enjoyed
Gnashing Chips & Dip, Claw Kebabs, Mischief Cheese Cubes, Wild Water, Magic Tea, Roaring Rolls, Monster Meatballs, Rumpus Wraps, Forest Pasta Salad, and Growling Pb & J.

The food was a hit and I didn't have too much leftover which is always a good thing =)
My awesome sister made the party favors, which were Little Sugar Cookie Sail Boats decorated to match the one in the book. They came out so cute and everyone loved them!
And speaking of how awesome my sister is, she also painted this "Monster Photo Op" which I think a lot of the party goers had a lot of fun with, especially the adults haha. Here are some examples:
Unfortunately we weren't able to get Kolbe to stay still long enough to pose but we still have it so maybe one of these days we will try again.

For decorations, I wanted it to be simple yet still look tasteful. The party was inside a pavilion that is open-air, which already made for a scenic view of the park and river from the huge windows. We hung some streamers and paper ring chains along with some cute balloons clusters and "Wild" flowers next to Kolbe's picture banner.

Kolbe has so many people that love him so much already!    
My sweet nephew Dylan
The grandmas
I love these guys =)
Singing Happy Birthday to the special Birthday boy. I can't believe he will be One in a week. Where the heck has the time gone??
The famous Cake Smash. I'm not going to lie when I say that I was freaking out a little bit inside at the amount of mess that was occurring right before my eyes but sometimes you just gotta let go and let the kid get dirty no? To my horror, I realized we had only brought one packet of wipes that had about 5 wipes left in it so we ended up doing our best to clean him up in the bathroom with wet paper towels before a major bath took place at home!
He was so skeptical at first and I kept pushing the cake closer and closer to him until it was too tempting for him not to stick his face in a take a bite hehe.
He loved banging on it like a drum too. And then he discovered that the icing came off and it was a crazy mess from there! All while everyone spectated =) It was such a fun moment and I definitely have it forever ingrained in my memory.

We were so happy with how the party turned out and it was a lot of fun for us and everyone who came. Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Kolbe's First Birthday!

I actually took him to the doctor today because he has been having some congestion lately and it turns out our poor guy has not one, but two ear infections! It explains why he has been so fussy and unsettled lately and I feel bad that all of our party guests witnessed Kolbe outside of his usual happy state.

Despite the circumstances, he was pretty content for most of the party, but definitely not himself  so I'm bummed that he wasn't as happy as he could've been. I'm looking forward to him being his usual self for his real birthday next weekend when we take him to the ZOO for the first time! Until then, thanks for reading this novel of a blog post!
I have a feeling the Wild Rumpus is just starting with this little guy and I'm excited to jump on the crazy ride =)

Lately. . .


We have been a busy family of three these past few weeks, especially enjoying this beautiful weather by spending time outside. Now that Kolbe is walking, its a lot of fun to take him to a nearby playground and watch him roam around, explore, and go down the slide with Matt - he absolutely loves it.
The three of us packed up and spent some time at Abbey Youth Fest this year. We've been going since we were in high school and didn't want to miss out! Obviously this was Kolbe's first and he was a little intrigued by the huge amount of people but he behaved and we had a great time with friends, going to mass with thousands of people in the beautiful field, and experiencing adoration by candlelight at night - amazing.
Apparently I like to spend time in hospitals in the spring time because I had a sudden appendicitis flare, which I initially thought was just a terrible stomach ache. When it hadn't gone away by that night, I decided to go to the ER and I am so glad I did. Twelve hours later, I was getting happy on anesthesia (seriously that stuff make me feel wayyyy too good haha) and a short 20 minute surgery     q1q2q2later, I joined the appendix-less club.
Haha I told you those meds make me feel wayyy too good! When I came out of surgery, I couldn't stop laughing and cracking jokes with the nurse and he commented that he had never seen someone come out of surgery so happy !

Matt did SUCH a good job taking care of Kolbe while I was spending the night at the hospital. Even when Kolbe woke up to eat in the middle of the night, I was suddenly very thankful for our stash of frozen breastmilk that made things easier for those two. Fortunately, I was able to go home the same day as my surgery and it was a happy ending. I'm pretty much back to normal and just slowly getting back into my workout routine yay!

I was also blessed enough to get away one night after Kolbe went to bed and spend some much needed girl time with some lovely ladies =)
I love these girls to pieces! We enjoyed some delicious blueberry mojitos, potluck dinner, and great conversation.

On Good Friday, we ventured to New Orleans to do the second half of the 9 Church Walk, which is a pilgrimage that takes place every year, where large groups meet and walk from uptown to downtown while stopping at nine churches on the way to pray and reflect on the Lord's Passion. I love this tradition, its one of my favorite things to do during Lent and I was bummed that we didn't go last year since I was about 247 months pregnant by that point =)

By the time we reached the last church, which was the Cathedral downtown, Kolbe was done sitting in the stroller (ok he was done probably 2 churches into the walk haha) so he ran around Jackson square for a bit, looked at the cool fountain, and humored me by taking a family picture =)
A few weeks ago we also celebrated our great friends Kacie and Brian at their engagement party! It was awesome for Matt and I to be able to go together since Kolbe does pretty well with sleeping these days *I seriously hope I didn't just jinx myself*

Here is the happy couple and some other pictures from the party
Last but not least, I will leave you with a picture of my cute little goofball:
hahahah Just kidding! Here is the real goofball of the house:
Kolbe will be ONE (Ah!) in two weeks and his party is next weekend so I will have lots of updates and pictures for you soon!

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday =)
Welcome to the new mini series on our blog where we will randomly bring you bouts of Kolbe in disbelief over life's little surprises. Without further ado here's the first one. . . .

Wait so there's no pope right now?!?!?
This post is about 2 weeks late but better late then never right!?

I can't believe this little guy is already 9 whole months. He has spent the same amount of time out in the world as he did in the womb. And I bet if he had a choice, he would go right back in for the constant flow of free food that he would get through the umbilical cord haha

Kolbe is so fun to be around with, and we love to make him laugh. He is constantly making us laugh too. He loves to climb everything in sight including people . . he is definitely Matt's son that's for sure. He also loves to pose for the camera and as soon as I put my phone or a camera in his face, he usually looks up and smiles, its the cutest thing.
He crawls ALL over the place and its hard to keep him out of anything these days. His favorite place to hang out is Matt and I's closet where all of the shoes are. He beelines it every time he gets an opportunity to go in our room haha. These are the kinds of things he is up to these days:
Our house constantly looks like a Toys R Us explosion thanks to Mr. Little Tornado Man. I don't even bother to straighten up anymore until after he goes to bed because its a lost cause.

I always looked forward to when we would be feeding Kolbe solids since I could pretty much approach it any way I wanted to and I was excited to apply all of the dietitian things I learned regarding infant nutrition. Now that its here, I'm happy to report that it seems to be going pretty well. He has bad days here and there where he doesn't want to eat much, but overall, he seems to like everything and is not very picky at all . . . yet! (famous last words right?)
He also loves nothing more than to take his socks off and eat them.
Along with everything else in sight including leaves and sticks!
I love to see him get excited about things too. He does this cute thing where he swings his arms up and down really fast and makes a high pitched squeal while bouncing on his butt with a big smile on his face. It melts my heart =)

Currently he is pulling up on things and walking while he holds on to things such as the couch. This past week, he has been letting go and standing without any help for a few seconds at a time. He seems to be getting really confident so maybe he will be walking soon!
All smiles =)
9 month facts:

Weight: 20lbs 11 ounces
Sounds: mama, dada, baba although none of them are specifically aimed at anything, he just says them all day long.
Teeth: 2 bottom teeth
Favorite Foods: bread, cheese, sweet potatoes, pears, raisins, happy puffs, oatmeal
Likes: Being thrown in the air by Papa, shoes, riding in the grocery cart, being held, bath time, being sung to, dancing, eating everything!
Dislikes: Getting his diaper changed, being left alone, not being picked up when we walk by him, being bored.

And just for a quick comparison, here is Kolbe at a few weeks old. I don't even remember him being that small! What a little peanut =) It seems like he loved the camera from the very beginning!
Hey friends. I hope everyone has had a smooth start to the new year! Up above is our annual family picture (first annual haha) which we hope to take every new year's day in the same chair for the rest of our lives! We can't wait till we are surrounded by kiddos in who knows how many years =)

Anyway. . .I wanted to share some of my New Years goals here on Brew Carre'. They aren't resolutions, since those typically fizzle out for me but these are legitimate things that I hope to get accomplished this year. Here we go. . .

2013 Goals:

1. Go on a nice date with Matt at least once a month (but more often as time permits!)

2. Read 1 book per month. . . I'm still looking for my January book. I want to read some good fiction but have no idea what I want to read yet.

3. Step up the intensity of my work outs after I'm done nursing Kolbe. Long story short, I had to tone things down because I was having issues feeding him every time I would do a hard core work out session. Its unfortunate but life goes on and I'm excited to get back into it soon.

4. Speaking of fitness, I'd like to run a 1/2 marathon at the end of the year.

5. Recharge my soul by spending time in adoration once a week.

6. Learn how to take better photos with our new DSLR camera. It was Matt and I's Christmas gift to each other.

7. Last but not least, I want to continue my resolution from last year which is to put things away when I'm done using them. I kept it up pretty well surprisingly but there's room for improvement.

That's it! Hopefully I can make all of these happen. I'll leave you with some cute pictures of Kolbe and some weekend fun!
Being pensive and observative like usual
Double date with Emily & Brad!
haha he will hate me for this in 15 years but its just so darn cute =)
The 12 Days of Christmas have come to and end with the celebration of the Epiphany. We had so much fun enjoying our 12 days of togetherness. Here is how we spent our last 2 days of the 12:

Day 11: Make Top 10 List

We decided to make a top 10 list of places we would like to travel to in the next 20 years. Without further ado, here is where we will (hopefully) go at some point in our lives:

1. Rome (and obviously other places in Italy while we're at it!)
2. Mediterranean Cruise
3. Colombia
4. Mission trip somewhere in Africa
5. Caribbean Islands
6. Ireland
7. Hike the Grand Canyon
8. Switzerland/Germany/Austria-beer!
9. Historical New England road trip
10. Northern California mountains

. . . .and of course DISNEY WORLD! Which I will never ever ever get tired of visiting.

We are excited to make some of these trips happen some sooner than later =)

Our activity for Day 12 was: Go on a long walk

The bambino maxes out at 30 minutes in the stroller so that's how long our "long" walk lasted haha. We parked our car in downtown Covington and walked around the neighborhood and we really enjoyed it. It was chilly but bearable. We took this next picture at the end of the walk when Kolbe wasn't enjoying himself anymore. Can you tell? haha
I can't wait to do the 12 Days of Togetherness again next year. We loved it and it definitely added an extra element of fun to our days. Doing this inspired us to make some New Years resolutions regarding our relationship and squeezing more dates each month Win!

I'll be back later this week with a recipe!